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Mr John Britton FRCS
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Information for patients undergoing orthopaedic treatment



Mr John Britton BA BM BCh FRCS

Intercollegiate Speciality Board in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Since 2005 I have been an Examiner for the Intercollegiate Speciality Board. This is the body responsible for assessing trainees prior to their appointment as consultants and is important in the maintenance of professional standards in orthopaedics.
To visit the Intercollegiate Speciality Board website click here.

National Joint Registry

I have been a Regional Clinical Coordinator for the National Joint Registry since its inception in 2003.
The National Joint Registry collects data on all hip and knee replacements implanted in the UK. It provides unrivalled information about the performance of the various types of replacement and as the database grows it will become the gold standard for assessing the quality of different makes of prostheses.
To visit the National Joint Registry website click here.


My current research interests are in hip and knee replacement.
I have set up a computerized database for all hip and knee replacements performed in Basingstoke. We now have comprehensive follow up data of a number of different types of hip and knee replacement, which will shortly be published.
I have recently completed a study on Minimally Invasive Hip replacement. This has been done in collaboration with consultant colleagues and Biomet. The results have been presented internationally at meetings in Europe and the USA.


I have published papers on a wide variety of topics, which include the mechanics of osteoporotic bone, hand, spine and hip surgery

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