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Information for patients undergoing orthopaedic treatment


Shoulder stabilization

Surgery for instability is indicated in patients who have suffered recurrent dislocation of the shoulder as a result of an injury. It is not generally indicated if the cause of instability is joint laxity or muscular incoordination.

The principle behind to surgery is to repair the torn capsular structures. This can sometimes be done by a direct surgical repair stitching the capsule back to its correct place. In other cases however a reconstruction procedure (e.g. Bristow or Laterjet) is performed to reinforce the damaged capsule.

Surgery is most frequently performed as an 'open procedure' through an incision about 10cm long over the front of the shoulder. Certain cases however will be amenable to an arthroscopic repair; in this case the surgery is performed through 2 or 3 'stab' incision less than 1cm long.

After surgery it is important to allow the repaired capsule to heal properly. For this reason you will be advised to wear a sling for several weeks following surgery.

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